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VLS Finance Ltd., the flagship company  in the country with a strong net worth, and has carved for itself an enviable niche in the fiercely competitive financial sector in India.

VLS Group is a multi-faceted multi-divisional integrated financial services group with major presence in almost all areas of financial services such as Asset Management, Strategic Private Equity Investments, Arbitrage and more particularly in :

  • Investment Banking

  • Structured Finance

  • Corporate Consulting & Advisory Services

  • Stock Broking

  • Privatization & Infrastructure Finance

  • Proprietary Investments & Equity Research

VLS Finance is guided by a strong and professional Board of Directors comprising Bankers, Chartered Accountants, Industrialists and Bureaucrats. It has an excellent blend of the old world wisdom, derived from its conservative policy makers at the board level, combined with a modern approach at the operational level, courtesy its young and dynamic management team.



  • Incorporated in January 1986

  • Listed on The Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd, The National Stock Exchange of India Ltd,

  • The Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Ltd & The Madras Stock Exchange Ltd.

  • Management’s emphasis on maximizing capital resources on a per share basis.


  • Investment and Merchant Banking activities in 100% subsidiary – VLS Securities Ltd. Registered as a Category I Merchant Banker with the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

  • Proprietary Investments and Equity Research

  • Corporate Consulting & Advisory Services

  • Privatization & Infrastructure Finance

  • Stock Broking in 100% subsidiary – VLS Securities Ltd. Membership to the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE)


  • Has a Networth of over Rs.1850 million

  • A debt free company

  • The Capital Adequacy ratio represented by the Capital Funds Risk asset Ratio (CRAR) as per the Reserve Bank of India guidelines for the financial years 2007-08 and 2008-09 was 102.51% and 99.78% respectively, reflecting the strong financial health of the company.

  • The current / past Portfolio of Equity Investments both Listed and Unlisted has yielded high returns to the company

  • Raised over Rs. 1328 million from Secondary Offering in December, 1994.


  • Proprietary investment research with over 200 qualitative and quantitative parameters for selecting securities – emphasis on finding value.

  • The Board of Directors comprises industry leaders and former top government officials.

  • Top level management is highly experienced and skilled in finance and accounting

  • One of the best investment track records – yielding high returns from early stage

  • Professional and experienced pool of executives comprising of Chartered Accountants (CA/CPA), Company Secretaries, MBA’s & CFA’s.


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